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Panda tea is the most expensive tea in the world?

Jun 28 2017 | Mypandatour
Panda tea is the most expensive tea in the world? (by wiki)
Panda tea is a type of tea cultivated in the mountain of Ya'an, Sichuan and fertilized by the dung of Panda. And 50 grams sold for $3500 or about $200 a cup. 
We are not sure the the panda tea is still available in Ya'an Panda Base. But our educational panda tour will take you to the Dujianyan panda Base and visit panda tea plantation, pick the tea leaves, cook the tea leaves, prepare the tea in Kung Fu style, and taste the tea in the end. Welcome to contact us for more info.
We are eager to work with schools and organizations who want to bring the unique Panda experience to the kids. Share it if they need it. Thanks!
(The photo was taken last week in Dujianyan Panda Base)

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