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Jul 18 2017 | Mypandatour

Job title: 

Adventure specialist  

Work place :
Chengdu, Sichuan



Job description:

1. Learning our trip destinations and individual itineraries in detail

2. Taking calls and replying to emails from prospective travellers

3. Following up on leads to help determine the best trip fit for our travellers

4. Booking and entering reservations and handling any pre-trip questions

5. Developing and writing custom itineraries and proposals

6. Translate the content related to the subject

7. Update the content of the website 




1. Interested in traveling 

2. Great English writing and reading

3. Basic skills on photo and movie editing software.  (photoshop, imovie, Final Cut Pro..etc)

4. Provide your own personal laptop 

5. Love pandas with all your heart



What you will get:

1. chance to meet traveller from all over the world

2. opportunities to guide tours (3 months probation as assistance)

3. to learn how to operate tour and gain the first hand experience

4. business trips to scout the idea destinations



Please answer the following question with your own words

Should we let pandas go extinct? why or why not? 
Send the answer to with your resume.
We will get back to you asap.

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