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List of Chengdu sites to visit and duration

Nov 26 2017 | Mypandatour
Sample list of Chengdu sites to visit and duration
1.Chengdu Panda Base, with more than 150 Pandas reside here (Half-day)
2.Dujianyan Panda Base, where you can do the Panda holding and volunteering. (Half-day)
3.Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest Buddha statue in the world. UNESCO World Heritage Site.  (Half-day)
4.Mt. Qingcheng , is one of the places where Taoism originated and also a renowned Taoist mountain. UNESCO World Heritage Site.  (Half-day)
5.Dujianyan Irrigation, the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world. UNESCO World Heritage Site (Half-day)
6.Sanxingdui Museum, an important site of Shu culture(old name of Sichuan). With tons of treasure like bronze tree with birds, flowers, and ornaments (396 cm), and dozens of large bronze masks and heads with at least six with gold foil masks originally attached. (Half-day)
7.Anren Ancient Town and Liu’s manor, Liu Wencai was a Qing dynasty warlord, landowner and millionaire. His 27 historic mansions have been well preserved and turned into museums, with a rich collection of more of than 2700 of relics and artefacts. (Half-day)
8.Wenshu Monastery, is the largest and best-preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu, with more than 300 statues of Buddha's and Bodhisattvas moulded in copper, iron, bronze, jade, gauze and clay, or carved from wood and stone.  Free Admission (2hrs)
9.DuFu Cottage, who was a famous Tang Dynasty poet, the site has a very beautiful garden with many cultural relics. (2hrs)
10.Kuanzhai Ancient Street, the combination of modern and ancient street. Great for souvenir. (2hrs)
11.Jinli Pedestrian Street, similar to Kuanzhai Ancient Street, pick either one. (2hrs)
12.Wuhou Memorial Temple, a temple of the greatest strategist of Chinese history.
13.People’s Park, central park in Chengdu, where we can see local people dance and play mahjong. A great stop to enjoy the tea. (2hrs)
14.Jinsha Site Museum, an important site of Shu culture. It is considered has unearthed the richest gold and jade wares and the densest elephant tusks in the world (3hrs)
15.Chengdu Museum, the newest museum with tons of relics and artefacts from Shu era. Free admission (2hrs)
16.Qingyang Palace, the location has been considered as holy ground by Taoists for thousands of years. (2hrs)
17.Wangjianglou Park, a park to memorise a female poet from Tang dynasty, with more than 200 different kinds of bamboo grow in the park. (2hrs)
18.Baoguang Temple, with the largest Qing-era Arhat Hall in China, containing 500 two meter high clay figurines of Arhats. (3hrs)
19.Tomb of Wangjian, a above-ground tomb from Tang dynasty, the only one excavated in China so far. (3hrs)
20.Song Xian Qiao Antique and Art Market, the best place to find antique in Chengdu (2hrs)

Also Chengdu is a city of gourmet and famous for laid back style. So make sure to try hotpot restaurants and have a massage to complete the joirney. 
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